Information for parents

Liverpool Football Club is responsible for the sporting content and how it is implemented. The academy is arranged in partnership with football clubs around Europe.

All instructors are professional trainers employed by Liverpool Football Club. These employees have training and instruction of young footballers as their profession.

The players are in the age range of 6-14 years.

We will come back to you about the procedures for registration, checking in and checking out approximately one week before the academy opens.

Liverpool Football Club does not accept any responsibility for the players outside the set training periods – overnight accommodation will be organized by the players’ parents/guardians themselves.

The age categories shown are those for the year 2019! For example, boys born in 2009 should register in BOYS 10 BORN 2009.

If a class/category is not displayed in the pull-down list, the class is full. To find out about any possible vacancies, e-mail to

Registering a player in a younger age category than for the year of birth is not allowed. But if the player normally trains with an older category, he or she can be registered in a category corresponding to one year higher than the player’s age (based on the year of birth).

The organizers continually assess whether more places are to be created in the groups, and some groups are merged while the programme is in progress. Groups for which too few applications have been received will be merged with other groups.

Training sessions take place every day from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Assembly is no later than 9.30 a.m.

A meeting for parents and players will be held at 09.40 a.m. on the first day.

The club provides lunch to the players – this is paid for along with the registration fee at registration.


  • Training under professional trainers from Liverpool FC
  • “LFC Academy skills challenges”
  • “LFC Academy player workshops”
  • Medals for prize-winners
  • Diploma
  • Assessment chart.
  • Football.
  • Fruit
  • Inclusion in selection for a free Football Academy Soccer School in Liverpool
  • Compulsory insurance during training sessions

One lucky player from every one of the year’s academies in Scandinavia will be selected to participate in FLC’s International Football Academy Soccer School in Liverpool itself*. The player from each academy will be selected on the basis of their attitude as a footballer both on and off the pitch, and during the academy they must demonstrate the skills and qualities needed to play “the Liverpool Way”. This is an exclusive chance for the winners to participate in a football school in Liverpool and for them to establish ever-closer ties to the club. *Flight and hotel costs are not included.

Information will be sent out to players one week before the academy opens. It is important to make sure you have entered your correct e-mail address and to check your e-mail at regular intervals. Also check your junk mail/spam folder, since e-mails copied to a large number of players at the same time can end up there.


  • Registration 9.30 a.m. Check the table for the group you have been assigned to and go into it once you have been registered
  • We are divided into pools, each is given a ball and off we go!
  • Fruit break
  • We teach more football drills
  • Lunch
  • We teach more football drills
  • Sign out from academy – important that parents/guardians are here for this
  • The academy sessions close at 3.00 p.m. every day

We will hold an assembly for all at the beginning of the first day (at 9.45 a.m.) and on the last day (at 2.30 p.m.).

Even if the trainers are English, instruction will take place in the language of football. It’s a beautiful language – everyone understands everyone else. Our trainers travel all around the world to teach children football – so they’re good at it! We also have assistants in attendance in all classes.

Many players will be wondering whether they have got into the same group as their friend. Maybe, maybe not! We may also merge/split groups as needed. But don’t despair – you’ll be together out there on the pitch and will be doing a lot together in the same age groups. Our limit is 16 players per trainer and so we split the players into groups. And also, it’s great getting to know new people as well!

Parents/guardians are welcome to watch the training sessions, in accordance with marked instructions. Parents/guardians must NOT disturb the players during the training sessions. If contact is necessary, it must be arranged via the secretary’s office which is located alongside the pitches. We will then call the player out from the group. But parents/guardians are welcome to watch, in accordance with marked instructions.

Kiosk sales will be available.

Overnight accommodation at local hotels etc. will be arranged for players to use if they wish. Please contact us for further details.

Liverpool Football Academy does not accept any responsibility for the players outside the set training periods – overnight accommodation will be organized by the players’ parents/guardians themselves.

By registering a player at Liverpool Football Academy, you also agree that LFC and its partners may photograph or video the children during training sessions and matches, and that such pictures may subsequently be used in our publicity and marketing material.


  • Drink bottle to have out on the pitch
  • Shin pads
  • Good quality football boots
  • Clean football every day, that way you avoid injury to your legs




Why do we have to pay in pounds?

The reason why we use pounds as the currency for payments for the year’s football academies in Scandinavia is that our client and partner, Liverpool FC, itself charges for its services in pounds. So, to ensure that the players pay the right price we charge in pounds. Liverpool Football Academy has held its price at £184 for the past five years. The amount in Norwegian kroner is determined by the exchange rate of the pound against the krone.

Do I have to bring my order confirmation with me to assembly?

No, if when registering you received an order confirmation by e-mail, this means that your participation has been registered and you do not need to take your order confirmation with you to assembly.


Liverpool Football Academy has signed an agreement with Gjensidige on insurance of the players at the academies in Europe. Under the insurance, players in the year’s academy are insured for NOK 500,000 against accident/disability and for NOK 50,000 in medical expenses. Liverpool Football Academy has insurance covering players if they get injured and it is shown that we are at fault as organizers. For example, a goal may blow over and fall on to players etc. We will cover whatever players cannot do anything about themselves.

If, for example, a player has gone into a tackle/damaged his/her foot during training, it will be the player’s/parents’ insurance that will cover the claim by the player. Or, in some cases, the claim will be covered by insurance of the club that the player is a member of. Please check your insurance for the player.

Liverpool International Academy Europe refundable (minus fee £ 30/30 euros). Fee is all charged due to online booking) until the registration deadline expires. No refund after this due to closed registration, for whatever reason. Then it is the participant’s / guardians’ insurance that applies in the event of illness / injury. The reason is that we have ordered everything, coaches and everything that goes with this. In case of force majure, separate rules apply; In the event of such incidents, one must expect that LFC Academy will be relocated or that vouchers will be offered at other or later LFC Academies.

Force Majeure

The seller and any of our partners are not responsible for weather conditions, closed facilities or any other incidents beyond our control. The seller will not take responsibility for any errors, omissions, technical difficulties or natural disasters, acts of war, discontinued water or electricity supplies, and similar incidents beyond our control.

Have I been registered?

You will receive a confirmation from as soon as your registration fee is paid. Then everything is in order. Check your junk mail/spam folder if you do not receive e-mail confirmation in your inbox. If you still have not received an e-mail confirmation and your account has been charged, you must contact – send an e-mail to e-post

Can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration for the academy up to the deadline for registration. You will then be charged £30 for the costs we have incurred. Your refund will be paid into your account.

What if I fall ill?

Once the deadline for registration has passed, it will be the player’s own insurance that will have to be claimed on if the player cannot participate in the academy.

Will I be able to change classes?

Yes – if there is a vacancy in the class you would like to change to. This will be free of charge. Send an e-mail to stating that you would like to change.

Is it possible to change academy booking?

If you want to change your academy booking (from one time to another), you will have to cancel. We will make a refund and you should then apply yourself for the desired category in the desired academy session. The standard charge of £30 will be deducted from the refund.

Will we get into the same class?

When two players register at the same time, it is fairly certain that they will end up in the same class. But unfortunately, we can’t offer any guarantees. In order to fill the classes properly, players may be moved about a little, and some classes may be merged. Remember that the focus will be on the football and that sporting considerations are the prime factor.

When do we receive information?

Information is sent out players one week before the academy opens. That’s why it is important that the e-mail address used for registration should be correct and that its inbox should be checked regularly. Remember also that if you have registered from several, information will arrive only once at each e-mail address. Remember to check your junk mail/spam folder to see whether any e-mail containing information has ended up there. Liverpool Football Academy may cancel the event if numbers are too low to quality-assure training. A reminder will be sent by e-mail when the period for registration is about to close.